How to Remove Paint from Brick?

Discovering how to remove paint from brick walls is a very useful skill to learn as it is inevitable that at some point you will either wish to restore a brick wall that has previously been painted, or you will be forced to try and remove paint spilt on an exterior wall.

Natural brick walls look very attractive in the right setting. Many people choose to use natural brick as part of their interior décor, particularly in fireplaces and hearths. Brick is easy to paint and when you are ready for a new look in your room, it can be a quick and easy task to apply some paint to the bricks in order to create a whole new look. But what happens when you tire of the painted brick?

Removing paint from brick is not all that easy, so before you decide to take a tin of paint and transform your brick fireplace, think long and hard about whether this is really a good idea. However, if the deed has been done, or you are trying to remove paint from somebody else’s decorative scheme, do not panic—learning how to remove paint from brick is not impossible.

Paint removal solutions are the best method to try. Paint removal solutions are usually applied as a gel or a paste. These can be bought from most DIY stores and are designed to be easy to use for relatively small areas. The solution must be mixed and applied generously to the bricks, although it is a good idea to test it on an inconspicuous area first to make sure that a) it works and b) there are no unexpected side effects from the process.

Once you have applied the paint removal gel or paste to the painted bricks, cover it with strips of old fabric. As the paint begins to soften it will stick to the fabric and you will be able to lift the fabric and paint away from the bricks, although you will need to be careful that all of the paint has been removed.

After you have successfully removed as much paint as possible from the bricks, you will need to clean them up to remove all residue of chemicals and any remaining flecks of paint. Use a stiff bristle brush and some clean water to avoid damaging the surface of the bricks.

Is there anything to consider before removing paint from bricks?

Always beware of using very strong and caustic chemicals to remove paint from bricks. Some bricks are more easily damaged than others and by using caustic chemicals there is a possibility that you may damage the surface of the bricks. This is particularly the case when trying to restore old bricks in period properties, so if in doubt, it is usually a good idea to seek professional advice before embarking on a DIY program of brick restoration.

Learning how to remove paint from brick walls is not easy, but it can be done. However, make sure you wear protective clothing and always ensure there is adequate ventilation.

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