How to Remove Gum from Clothing?

We all love eating gum! Chewing gum is considered one of the most favorite sweets or chewable, not just by kids, but adults, as well. However, chewing gum is only loved when it is found on the right places. In other words, it is only liked by many if it is being chewed. Seeing chewing gums on other things such as the sole of our shoes, in our hair or even on our clothes is something that we really don’t like to happen. This is because gum, unlike any other food or candies, is very difficult to remove once it sticks on our things. Nevertheless, there are still some proven ways in order for us to learn how to remove gum from our clothes. Below are some of the simple steps.

Doing this procedure is actually very easy. But in getting rid of gum from our clothes, we will need first to have several items. These items include Butter knives or any knife with a thin but blunt edge, ice cubes, cooking oil (optional), laundry detergents or soap and as well as laundry pretreatment. As soon as we have all these things at hand, we can now begin the simple steps on how to remove the gum from fabric. First, we need to harden the gum. This can be done by rubbing in a cube of ice on to the surface of the gum in order to lessen its elasticity. This will make the gum less adhesive to clothing and will also be a lot easier to remove. We could even try putting the entire clothing inside the freezer in order to achieve the desired outcome for the gum, but using ice cubes will be a lot faster.

Now that the gum is hard enough to remove, we can now start scraping it off using our blunt edge or butter knife. Using a blunt edge material can prevent causing any damage on the fabric such as tearing or ripping. After removing the large piece of gum from the fabric, we can still expect to see some gum remnants on it. This is why we should add in a little amount of laundry detergent in order to completely remove the remaining small gum pieces. It is also effective to use cooking oil against the gum since it can likewise lessen its adhesiveness. However, using oil requires immediate washing afterwards since it can cause stains on the fabric. Nevertheless, once we are done, it is still recommended for us to launder the clothing as usual to avoid any untoward effects on the fabric that may be caused by any of the procedures. Now we know how to remove gum from clothing with great ease and satisfaction.

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