How to Remove Ear Wax at Home?

We all know that our body is capable of providing the first line of protection or defense against factors that can become hazards to our health. We do have reflexes such as coughing or sneezing, which helps in expelling foreign bodies that could cause potential problems in our lungs. This is likewise the reason why glands in our ears produce cerumen or what is commonly known as ear wax. Ear wax is actually beneficial for the protection of our inner ear. It is through this wax that small particles such as dirt or dust are trapped in order to prevent them from entering the internal part of the ear. However, just like any other things, too much production of ear wax can also cause a lot of problems. This is the reason why it is also necessary for us to do ear cleaning every once in a while in order to get rid of the excess cerumen. For us to do this, it is important for us to learn how to remove ear wax at home.

Before learning the simple steps of removing ear wax, let us first try to discuss the different possible effects of having too much wax or cerumen in the ears. For one, increased cerumen can alter our hearing. This is because the passage of sound waves is blocked by the accumulation or ear wax. Another problem that can result from this condition is the possibilities of infection. We all know that this wax traps foreign bodies that can be harmful for the ears. Once this wax accumulate, the dirt, dust and other harmful substances that comes with it will also can also build up, thus increasing the risks for infection. Because of these possible effects, it is very advisable to remove ear wax as often regularly at home. This can be done in some simple and easy ways.

For us to start the removal of cerumen, we will first need to have a number of items, which includes medicine dropper, baby or mineral oil (ear wax drops are much better), saline spray, cotton balls and of course warm water. Once these materials are prepared, we can immediately apply or administer 2 to 4 drops of the baby or mineral oil in our ears. Like what is mentioned above, using drops especially designed for softening cerumen will be much better. In case we have one, we can simply follow the easy instructions inside the medication box. In order for us to accurately apply the exact amount of oil or medication, we can use the medicine dropper to serve as a container for the oil drops. After applying the oil in our ears, we can use the cotton ball to cover the pinna so as to avoid the oil from going out. We should wait for a few minutes in order to allow the oil to set in and soften the wax found inside the ears. After waiting, we can now tilt our head on the other side in order to allow the oil to drip out of the ears. After doing this, we can now use the saline spray or water as a means in flushing the wax out of the ear. This can be used regularly to facilitate the removal of the wax. Saline sprays are available in all leading drug stores. This can be administered by pulling the ear pinnacle upwards to give better access of the canal. Once this is done, the spray can now be applied inside.

These are basically the simple ways on how to remove ear wax at home. This method may be simple and easy to do, but it is still important to follow instructions in order to avoid injury to our beloved ears.

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