How to make 3D Glasses at Home?

Do you want to know how to make 3D glasses at homes? If you have kids, learning this simple task is likely to save you a whole load of money. 3D films are currently all the rage. Avatar is one of the many recent movie releases filmed using 3D technology, and from the early days of 3D movies (who can forget the terrible Jaws 3 in 3D), 3D movies have remained an enduringly popular genre.

Visiting the movie theater to watch the latest release in glorious 3D sound and vision is fun, but unless you know how to make 3D glasses at home, you will be forced to pay extra for 3D glasses at the same time as buying your movie tickets. Of course, if you are the kind of person who enjoys watching movies alone, this is probably not a problem, but if you have an extended family of kids and their friends, it will cost you a fortune!

Fortunately, there is a very simple method of manufacturing your own 3D glasses for your cinema or home viewing pleasure, although if you are really enterprising you can even make extra quantities to sell on to desperate friends and family!

So what materials do you need to make 3D glasses at home?

Very little is the answer. The first thing you need is a glasses template. Unless you have one to hand, a glasses template is very easy to source on the Internet, so use your favorite search engine and download a suitable template. Print this on to some thin card and using a sharp pair of scissors and a steady hand, cut out your template, including the eye holes (if you forget this crucial step, your film experience will be somewhat lacking…).

With your template as a guide, make bends and creases in the card at the appropriate places so that you end up with something that resembles a pair of comedy glasses.

The next step is to fashion the lenses using cellophane. Ideally, you should use colored sheets of cellophane to make the lenses: red and blue. But if you cannot find any, or you don’t have a tin of Quality Street chocolates just begging to be eaten, you can make do with some clear cellophane colored with a red and blue marker pen.

Measure the eye openings on the glasses. Use the measurements to cut out two rectangular shapes from your cellophane. Glue the red piece on to the left opening, and the blue piece on to the right opening. Once the glue has dried, your 3D home glasses will be ready to use for the next 3D film extravaganza!

As an alternative, instead of downloading and cutting out a cardboard glasses template, you can also recycle an old pair of sunglasses. Simply remove the plastic lenses and attach red and blue cellophane over the openings. If you happen to have a pair of designer sunglasses, even better: you can be the only person in the movie theatre to sport a pair of Oakley or Dior 3D glasses.

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