How to Get Wax out of Carpet?

Getting stains over our carpet can be a very big dilemma for us. As we know we cannot afford to stain, ruin or damage the carpet because it is not easy and cheap to replace them. However, accidents happen at times. Common substances spilled on carpet surfaces are paints, vomit, coffee and even wax from candles. In cases we are faced with problem on how to get wax out of carpet, we can follow the following easy steps to renew our carpets and somehow comfort us:

1. Candle wax can be a little difficult to remove especially when deeper carpet layers are soaked with wax. The first thing we can do is to allow the wax to harden then pick it off using our hands or do this using a dull knife when it is hard to scrape off.
2. Remove the remaining wax out of the carpet by chilling it with ice.
3. If ice would not help, we can use warm compress. We can spread a newspaper over the affected carpet area or use a paper bag, a clean cloth or paper towels.
4. We can use an iron or hair dryer to melt the wax. The wax will then adhere on the paper when it melts. We can change the paper when there is a need as this would help remove more wax from the carpet.
5. When the wax is dyed, we can remove stains by rubbing an alcohol to the stained areas. Wipe off the dye and wax using a towel until the carpet surface comes out clean.
6. To clean further, we can rinse the area with water through spray bottle or wet unused cloth like rags.
7. Allow the area to dry completely.

Important tips to remember:

1. When alcohol fails to remove the wax dye, we can try on other ways to remove stains such as using mild detergent soap, dishwashing liquid or vinegar.
2. When using any of the products stated above, it is important to dab only a small amount on the affected carpet surface to avoid ruining the carpet fibers or spreading the stains.
3. We can blot more if there is a need to until all stains are removed. Then, we can rinse the surface using a damp cloth until clean.
4. When all else fail, we can contact the professionals to help us solve our dilemma. This is going to be our last option but the best way we can employ to avoid further damage on the carpet.

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