How to Get Vomit out of Carpet?

One of the devastating incidents we have to face at home is cleaning vomit especially on our well polished and pricey carpet. We do not only face the ordeal of clearing the mess and smell of the foul vomit but also getting through the disappointment of staining our hard earned carpet. But instead of further complaining about this task we have to face, it is better to make the moves on how to get vomit out of carpet before any ruins can exist.

Cleaning the vomit may be the least thing we have to do but we have no choice but to clean it up. All we need are the following tools which are normally found at home: washcloths, detergent (liquid or powder though it is said liquid detergent works better), paper towels (as many as we can grab), vinegar or ammonia and warm water. After having the tools within our working area, we can follow the easy steps listed below:

1. We can do this step by wearing gloves if we do not want to touch the vomit. Then, we can wipe the vomited area using the paper towels assuring no traces of vomit remain on the carpet surface.
2. Pour the detergent soap on the carpet surface and clean the area using the washcloth. We can leave the detergent on the area for about five minutes. As mentioned above, liquid detergent is more preferable. But in case we do not have stock at home, we can use the powder and mix this with a little amount of water, just enough to make a paste-like solution.
3. To eliminate the foul smell out from the carpet, we can mix a solution of half cup vinegar or ammonia plus two cups warm water. This solution also helps us remove stains on the surface, thus making it easy for us to furnish the carpet.
4. From the detergent we mixed earlier, we can add more of this into the area and dab some more to effectively remove the stain. We can repeat this process until we are satisfied with the result. However, prior to using detergent, it is advised to test a small part of this to assure the detergent will not ruin our carpet.
5. We can now rinse the area using the vinegar and warm water solution.

Important tips:

1. We can spray the room with air freshener prior to cleaning to make us free from inhaling the bad smell of vomit.
2. We can also opt for canned shaving cream when cleaning and removing the smell of vomit out of the carpet.
3. It is also helpful to disinfect the affected carpet area with disinfectant solutions like Lysol.

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