How to Get Silly Putty Out of Clothes?

Toys are always fun and exciting to play with. These days, there are already a lot of types of toys sold in the market. Some are hard; some are small, while others are even very elastic. One of the most unusual, yet interesting play things that we could have nowadays is none other than the silly putty. What is silly putty? A silly putty is a type of toy that can be formed into a lot of shapes. It can also exhibit a lot of unusual characteristics. For one, when silly putty is dropped, it can bounce back; however, if it hits the ground really hard, it can also break. The silly putty can also become liquid, but it contains a thixotropic ingredient that can still hold the shape of the said toy. Silly putty is indeed very fun to play; however, this can also become a mess for our clothes. Because of its sticky substance, silly putty is pretty hard to remove from any fabric. But what is great is that there are still some ways in order to do this without doing any huge effort. Here are some of the ways in order for us to know how to get silly putty out of clothes.

For us to do this, we will need to have several items, which include rubbing alcohol, butter knife and cotton balls or swabs. As soon as we got these things at hand, we can begin by placing the piece of clothing on a flat surface while exposing the area where it is covered with silly putty. Stretch this portion of the fabric in order to taut the material. This makes the process of removing the substance a lot easier.

Once these have been done, we can now soak our cotton balls or cotton swabs with alcohol in order to rub it against the putty material. If there is a large piece of silly putty stuck on the fabric then we will need to have a large-sized cotton to remove it. We also need to squeeze the alcohol on the fabric in order to get the silly putty well moistened. After that, we now gently rub the material off the fabric and ensure that it is still well stretched. This can be done by using the butter knife; however, this process will not be complete on the first round. This means that we will still need to do these steps for several times in order to get the ideal results. As soon as the material is completely removed, we can now place the clothing in our laundry and wash it regular detergent soap and water.

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