How to get rid of nats in the house?

Is your home full of gnats? Knowing how to get rid of nats in the house is crucial when summer arrives and you discover that your home is suddenly overrun with small gnats and other irritating insects. Not only will they keep you awake at night by biting every available portion of exposed flesh, they will also be attracted to any left over bits of food, which is a major hygiene issue.

So how can you cure this annoying problem?

There are several varieties of small insects that are collectively known as gnats or nats. Some are fruit flies or vinegar flies, and some are fungus flies. But the one thing they have in common is that they are all incredibly annoying. In their four-month life cycle, the average gnat lays hundreds of eggs, most of which will then become even more gnats to annoy you.

Gnats are usually attracted to rotten food or decaying fruit, which is why you often notice them when you have a few pieces of fruit rotting in the fruit bowl, or the bin is overdue for taking outside. Gnats like to lay their eggs around bins or drains, and they also like over watered plants, so knowing how to get rid of nats in house plants is also very useful.

But how can you eradicate gnats from your home and houseplants?

The most effective way to keep gnats at bay is to make sure you give them no reason to visit you in the first place. Basic kitchen hygiene is very important, particularly if you live in a hot climate. Always cover food up and make sure you do not leave dirty dishes lying around in the sink for hours at a time. Empty the bins regularly and do not leave discarded food containers near the bin or on kitchen worktops. Lastly, do not over water your houseplants.

However, if you already have a gnat problem, what is the best way to know how to get rid of nats in the house?

Insecticide sprays will usually do the trick. Always read the instructions carefully before using insecticide sprays and make sure you cover up fish tanks before spraying the chemicals around your home. In the event of an infestation, it might be easier to ask a professional pest control agent to come in and fumigate your home. This method is also a good way of killing any other insects you might be harboring, including cockroaches and other nasty creatures.

If you are not sure there the gnats are originating from, try leaving vinegar traps in jam jars at various locations around your house. The jar that traps the greatest number of gnats will be closest to the source of the gnat problem, so you should be able to isolate where the gnats are coming from. If the problem originates from outside, check your window seals; if the problem is a dirty drain, put some ammonia down to kill the source and discourage the gnats from making your home their home.

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