How to get Acrylic Paint out of Carpet?

One of the best ways to cover the floor is through carpeting. But we must admit that carpets are expensive these days, especially when we opt for the high quality pieces. Some of us would save enough money before buying the best quality from the carpet stores. That is why when it is laid on our floors, we are very careful not to stain, spill anything or cause any ruins in our investment.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen at home especially when we have unruly children. They love to play with any liquid that is why we fear any spillage on the carpet surface. We often warn them not to spill anything but as mentioned earlier, accidents really happen. What are we going to do when kids spill and stain our carpets with paints such as acrylic paint? Well, instead of fretting on how to remove the stain or worse, considering dumping the carpet, let us just learn how to get acrylic paint out of carpet.

All we need in this home project are our reliable vacuum cleaner, stiff bristled brush and a blade but this is usually optional. Before getting through this task, we must be patient and determined to get rid of that stain because there are instances the substance may be hard to remove especially when the type of paint spilled is of poor quality or if the stained area is wider than expected.

We must not panic once we have found out that there is an acrylic paint spillage on our carpet. Instead, we must keep the painted carpet area clear from any people or things. We must wait until the paint has completely dried out before attempting to remove it because adding more liquid or vigorously scrubbing the area will make the stain harder to manage.

After the paint has completely dried out, we can easily peel the paint out from the carpet surface without any tools- that’s it if the paint is of good and thick quality. However, when the paint is not a good one, it would be harder to remove the stain but we must not lose hope. We can grab our stiff bristled brush and start loosening up the dried paint. It is important to remember, though, that we should use the brush gently to prevent damaging the carpet fibers.

When the brush fails to remove the stain completely, this is the time to use a dull blade. We must scrape with care so to prevent making any form of cuts on the carpet. After this, we can clean up the paint debris with the use of the vacuum. If there is still remaining stain on the carpet, we can repeat the process of scrubbing, scraping and vacuuming until the area comes out clean and stain-free. But when all attempts still fail, it is time to contact the carpet professionals before further ruining our carpet.

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