How to Find my WEP Key?

Wireless connections are quite common these days, since most of the gadgets available in the market are wi-fi ready, from game consoles, laptops to mobile phones.  Your wireless range can be easily detected without your knowledge.  Hence, the need to keep your network secure from hackers is utmost important.  There are ways to protect your network; one is through WPA key, while the other is by using a WEP key.

‘How to find my WEP key?’ is the question that you should as yourself when you are planning to set-up a wireless router.  But before you start figuring out where the WEP key is located, let us define what a WEP key is, as well as its importance.

WEP key stands for Wired Equivalent privacy; it is a code to prevent unauthorized internet users to gain access to your wireless network connection.  In short, it is a network security key.  The key or the code is necessary to encrypt the information that is passed on from one device to another within the network.  Before a wireless network is set up, the key will encrypt and decrypt the information that was sent.

So, why do we need the WEP key in the first place?  In general, before another device can connect to a wireless router, a WEP key.  If someone is able to access your network, he/she can intercept data that your computer sent to the web.  This is especially alarming if the information is valuable, like when it involves personal and financial matters, because others can steal them.  Another reason for wireless security is to avoid unauthorized person from tapping your web connection, since you are the one paying the bill.

Although there are other encryption methods that can be used to protect your network, but the majority of wireless internet users are using WEP key.  However, it is not 100% safe; it can easily be hacked by web experts.

Generally, the length of WEP key is dependent on the security level of the router.  For a 40 or 64 bits encryption, the key compromised of 10 characters, or for 104 bits encryption, the key is composed of 26 characters.

In most cases, the WEP key is found in the base of the router or in its packaging when you purchase it.  But if you can’t locate it, there is another way.  Just follow the steps below.

  1. Open a web browser
  2. Type the IP address of the router in the address bar.  For linksys, key in, for Belkin routers, type  Do not include the http://www. Characters.
  3. You may be required to log-in your use i.d and password.  You can use ‘admin’ as the default user i.d and password.  However, some routers may only need to key in the password.
  4. Select wireless
  5. Click wireless security
  6. By following the steps, the WEP key is then displayed on the screen.

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