How to Find My MAC Address?

In this modern era, it would seem like everyone owns a laptop or any pieces of device like the ipads, PSP3, and cellular phones with built-in wifi capability that enable the users to connect to the Internet.  How is this possible?  Access to the internet is made easy because of wireless internet network that allow users to log-in online without dragging the internet cable.  However, along with the convenience that technology brings, Internet security has become questionable.

Not so long ago, web users only worry about viruses infecting their computers.  But now, due to wi-fi accessibility and the existence of routers, web crimes are increasing.  Some of the online crimes include stealing of personal information, accounts being hacked, uploading malicious materials, downloading illegal software, and many more.  As a result, web protection is necessary.

The moment you decide to purchase a router, you should be able to know how to secure your wireless network.  And there are several ways to do just that, through WEP key or assigning a user name and password, WPA and MAC address filtering.  However, not everyone is well versed with computer terminologies.

Let us focus on MAC address.  You may be asking, how to find my MAC address?   To begin with, the MAC that we are talking about is not the Mac operating system.  To define, MAC means Media Access Control, and a MAC address is the hardware number of your computer.  Even though MAC address is not as popular as IP addresses, it is very important in securing your wireless network.

Since MAC address is the physical address of your computer hardware, it works by identifying the adapter or LAN, like the Ethernet.  Typically, the address consist of 12-digit hexadecimal number, the first 6 digits is the adapter manufacturer’s ID number, while the last few figures is the number assigned to the adapter.

Now, how do I find my MAC Address?

Searching for the MAC address is not as complicated as you first thought it would be.  However, the commands that you must follow depends on your operating system.  Windows operating system and Macintosh OS have different ways of finding the MAC address.

For Windows 98/ ME/ XP/ 2000/ NT

  1. click START, then, select RUN
  2. On the RUN dialogue box, type CMD and press ENTER
  3. A DOS prompt window appears, key in ‘IPCONFIG/all, then hit ENTER
  4. After that, you will see the information of all your network adapters.

For Macintosh OSX

  1. From apple MENU, select tcp/ip
  2. From the network preference, choose Air port (for wireless) or built-in for Ethernet
  3. The address is displayed near the hardware address

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