How to Dry Zucchini Seeds?

What is great about some fruits and vegetables is that the flesh is not the only thing useful. Some recipes do make use of the fruit’s peeling while others even take advantage of the seeds. Fruit seeds do add a lot of flavor for a lot of dishes. However, seeds sold on markets are not as cheap as we think they are. These seeds, especially the rare ones, can be very expensive. Nevertheless, we don’t have to buy these seeds if we only know how to harvest and dry them. This can give us the same quality of seeds without spending too much money.

Zucchini CurlLet’s take the zucchini fruit as an example. Zucchinis are cultivated squashes that can grow more than 2 feet. These fruit vegetables are used for a lot of recipes such as pasta, salads and soups. Just like regular squashes, zucchinis also have seeds in them. These seeds are also collected and dried to be used in different ways. This is why it is necessary for us to know how to dry zucchini seeds.

The very first thing that should be done is to harvest the seeds from the zucchini fruit. This process, including the drying, is actually very easy, which requires only a few equipments or materials. Some of these things that we’ll need are the zucchini, spoon, bowl, paper towels and bag. After preparing the needed materials, we can now choose the best zucchinis that can be harvested with seeds. It is important that the zucchinis must be looking very healthy and in good condition. Once the zucchini is chosen, we can now start slicing the fruit lengthwise or from stem to tip in order to expose the seeds completely. After doing so, we may now use a scraper or a spoon in order to grate the seeds into the bowl. We can then wash the seeds in order to remove dirt, but we must make sure that these seeds are not soaked. After washing, we should first remove those that are not in great condition before letting them dry naturally. When we say naturally, the seeds should be spread on a clean paper towel and let them dry in the open air. This process or stage usually takes about a few days or weeks so as to facilitate proper drying of the seeds. Once these seeds are completely dry, they should then be kept in a paper bag and stored in a dry place. These seeds could even last more than a few years if they are maintained properly.

These are basically the different stages on how to dry zucchini seeds. This task may be quite simple to do, but the end product can be very useful.

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