How to Deodorize Shoes?

A pair of shoes is considered as a staple need for our ensemble. We always love to have good pairs of shoes and choose various styles and colors of it and even buy those that come fashionable. We believe shoes add up to our overall aesthetics that is why we spend dollars buying those that complete our get up.

No matter how good we look because of addition of a good pair of shoes in our ensemble, this is still deemed worthless when we remove the shoes after a long day and smell something stinky. Yes, this is one incident that we want to avoid. Having stinky feet could mean we are unhygienic or could be a sign of fungal infection.

We must not punish ourselves with this because at some point in our lives, we do experience smelly feet especially when we have worn the same pair for a couple of days and when we sweat a lot. We know that sweat accumulation causes microorganism growth.

With this, we must employ some steps on how to deodorize shoes to remove that bad smell. The steps are easy to follow and give us the confidence to expose our shoes especially in public areas. The things we need are the following:

2 knee-high stockings or socks
Cat litter
Baking soda
Anti-fungal spray


1. We must dry our shoes first by putting it outside the house where sun can directly hit it. This absorbs moisture from the insides of our shoes.

2. After the shoes had dried, we can put the cat litter inside the stockings and place this inside the shoes. Wonder why cat litter is used? It is because cat litters are considered as deodorizers. When not wearing the shoes, we must maintain the stockings inside the shoes to help absorb moisture as well as the stinky smell.

3. Pour baking soda on each pair prior to using the shoes. We do not have to worry when we wear the shoes with the baking soda as it is safe to use. After wearing the shoes, we can add more baking soda before putting back the stockings inside the shoes. Allow this to sit overnight.

4. After the shoes have completely dried out, this is the time we can apply the anti-fungal spray. To maintain odor-free shoes, we can apply anti-fungal spray daily. But when this spray is unavailable, we can substitute this with an alcohol. We can spray alcohol before and after wearing the shoes.

Tips to remember:

1. Washing our feet with antibacterial soap can help reduce foul odor.
2. We can also use black tea as foot soaks for a week. This kills bacteria and closes the pores on the feet.
3. We must air dry our shoes regularly to absorb moisture and sweat.

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