How long does Your Hair have to be to get Braids?

Fixing the hair is one way to tame it especially when it had grown tangled and frayed. One of the best and popular ways to design the hair is to get it in braids. With braids, there are various styles to follow and people prefer most doing the cornrows or also called flat or track braids.

Cornrows are done through laying the braids on the scalp in rows. This had originated from Africa and had been used in several emblems in Grecian and Roman history. It had also been used as a determinant of societal order years ago as women who had finely done cornrows were said to have come from prestigious family.

In the modern days, cornrows have become popularized by the African-American men but had evolved as women had also started braiding their hair in cornrows. Even white Americans can braid their hair with this style as it has become acceptable in the society these days. From daily wear to runway shows, cornrows had exceeded great acceptance and is well favored by a lot of people, as for them it is considered an art.

Getting perfectly made cornrows are usually done by experienced hairdressers. But when people knew someone who is skillful enough, they can make that person design their locks as professional hairdresser would mean extra costs to stash.

One main question apart from choosing the hairdresser is how long does your hair have to be to get braids. This depends upon the type of hair a person has. When they have straight locks, the minimum requirement is to have a length of hair of 7 to 8 cm and for the cornrows to hold much longer, the hair should be at least 10 cm long. With this, hair products such as gel or hair wax are used to make the braids have firmer hold and would last for several weeks.

For those who have curly hair, they must have a length of hair about 5 cm. It is said that curly hair is easier to style into cornrows as it is more convenient to lock this into cornrow formation. So, people with curly hair get more advantage than those who have straight hair.

However, the length of hair does not matter at all when the braids are done by the expert hairdressers. Others had also claimed that even hair that is as short as 2 inches can be done in braids, so they must be that expert to make this possibly done! But one disadvantage about braiding too short hair is that more pulling will be done to make the braids hold tighter. This would also mean greater stress on the scalp because of hair pulling.

To ensure people get the cornrows they desire, they should wait a little bit more to grow their hair longer.

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