How Long Does Vicodin Take to Work?

If you recently had an accident that led you to undergo an operation and if you have been experiencing pain a lot lately, then you must be quite familiar with Vicodin. Vicodin is a pain reliever. It is, in fact, a combination of 2 pain relievers. One is hydrocodone, a narcotic pain reliever. The other is acetaminophen, a less powerful pain reliever that heightens the effects of the hydrocodone. With these 2 pain relievers you now have a drug to relieve you of moderate to moderately severe pains.

So how long does Vicodin take to work? One must be cautious when taking Vicodin. You don’t want to be overdosed with Vicodin or any other drug for that matter. Well, the time it takes for Vicodin to work varies with the person. People have different ways of responding to medications. Some are prone to side effects brought about by some drugs. And some take a long time before the medicine starts to kick in. To some people, Vicodin may work within 15 minutes. Others have to wait for an hour or so before they can feel any changes.

There are many factors affecting the time it takes for Vicodin to work. One would be the individual’s response time. Like I said earlier, people have different ways of responding to drugs. This is mainly due to the person’s tolerance level of Vicodin. If you have been taking Vicodin for a long time already, then you would have most likely developed some tolerance of the drug. If your tolerance level is high, then you would need a much higher dose of Vicodin. This leads to another factor which is the dosage. If the dosage is not enough for the severity of the pain you are experiencing, then it would take much longer to feel any relief. Maybe you won’t even feel any relief unless the dosage is increased. However, your total daily dosage of Vicodin should not be more than 8 pills.

One thing to remember when taking Vicodin is that it is highly addictive. You could develop dependence on the drug and so you won’t feel relieved unless you have taken Vicodin. So before taking Vicodin or any other drugs, always, and I mean always, consult your physician. If you don’t feel any effect of the Vicodin after you have taken 2 pills at one go, contact your doctor. Don’t take another Vicodin pill or you will have an overdose. Too much Vicodin can lead to fatal effects. And withdrawal from Vicodin can be tough.

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