How Long Does Poison Ivy Take to Heal?

Poison Ivy: the sexy female nemesis of Batman. Known for her special abilities to communicate with plants, Poison Ivy has a kiss to die for. And I mean it literally. There’s no way to heal Poison Ivy’s kiss unless she kisses you back. It would depend if you could last long enough for her to kiss you back. But luckily, she doesn’t exist in real life.

The poison ivy we are talking about is actually a plant and not a supervillainess. It’s far from being sexy but one thing that this plant has with Poison Ivy is that they are both poisonous in a way. Poison ivy may not be lethal. However, it can cause an allergic reaction in the form of a rash once the oily sap of the poison ivy makes contact with your skin. This rash can be healed unlike the supervillainess kiss of death. The question now is how long does poison ivy take to heal? How long does it take for the rash to disappear?

Sadly, the rashes may take weeks to clear up. And an even more terrible news is they have to get worse before they would heal. Some say it lasts for 3 whole weeks. However, if you tend to it immediately, the irritation may lessen and may heal faster.

There are many remedies for poison ivy. The very common way to soothe the rashes would be to take hot baths. The hot water can relieve you of the itchiness. Some say washing the infected area with whole milk will heal it faster making the rashes dry up and scab. There are also many creams that you could apply to soothe the irritation and to dry up the rash. Swimming in a pool with swimsuit on may be the least thing you want to do when your skin is covered with poison ivy rashes but this could help. The chlorine in the pool will clean up your skin. Just don’t take a bath in a public pool. You could be exposed to more bacteria that could worsen the situation once they get into your broken skin.

And remember, before you remedy your poison ivy with creams and the like, you should wash the oil, called urushiol, of the poison ivy with cold water. It is necessary to rinse out all the oil because if you let it stay, you could contaminate other people or the other parts of your body. Having urushiol around your house would make the infection last longer.

Poison ivy may take a long time to heal. It would normally take weeks before you would start feeling better. And it could take longer if your eyes, mouth, nose, or genitals get infected. For incidents like this, you should immediately consult a physician. But as long as you treat it immediately and properly, the itchiness would lessen and the rashes may dry up faster. Or you could wish Poison Ivy to kiss it all away.

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