How long does Nair Last?

We consider hair to be an asset for our bodies. It accentuates our features and makes us look a lot more attractive. However, hair is only useful or advantageous if it is found on some parts of our body, particularly our head. If it is found on unwanted sites, it then becomes a nuisance or a problem in our part. That is why most of us have resorted to shaving regularly in order to remove hair from those unnecessary sites. Little did we know that constant shaving can actually make the situation worse as hair will tend to grow faster and thicker. As a result, once we start to shave our hair, frequent and regular shaving must then follow in order to maintain the area hair-free. Because of this dilemma, hair removal experts are now recommending the use of Nair as a substitute to shaving. But what is Nair and How long does Nair last?

Nair is a type of hair removal product that does not require any kind of shaving. This effective way of removing hair has already been in the market for decades, and up to now, it is still one of the most favored ways in getting rid of unwanted hair on our body. This is because Nair removal products can eliminate hair deeper than any shaving materials can do. This can create a smoother and softer look on the skin right after the process. What is even more alluring is that most Nair products are also improving their qualities in terms of their formulation, supplements and even their aroma.

Nair hair removal can be used in a lot of parts in the body. Using this product is already proven safe and effective, not just by experts, but also by the countless satisfied users. Nair products can be used by both men and women. There are Nair removal lotions or creams that are made specifically for each gender. Specific products are also made for different body parts including the face, legs, underarm, back and the bikini area.

The use of Nair depends on the type of product being used. Some are rolled on, brushed or even sprayed. There are also products that come in the form of creams, lotions, gels and wax. In order to apply the product efficiently, Nair should never be rubbed on the skin. It should only cover the hair with an applicator for a few minutes. Facial hair would take more or less 4 to 5 minutes while hair on the other parts of the body would usually be twice as long.

How long does Nair last? The effects of Nair would last days longer as to compare to shaving. This is because of the difference between the depths of hair removal. Nevertheless, the lasting effect of Nair would also depend on a case to case basis. If we have a fast growth rate of hair, the effects would obviously be shorter. Some say the darker hairs grow faster compared to lighter once, so it also depends on the hair type of every individual.

These are some of the facts that we need to learn with regards to using Nair as our hair removal agent. With this product, no more nuisance hair will ever be seen in our body.[phpzonsidebar title=”Nair Products” keywords=”Nair” num=”5″ country=”US” searchindex=”HealthPersonalCare” trackingid=”smellybrain-20″ sort=”pmrank” id=”3″]

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