How Long Does Frozen Chicken Last?

Chicken is greatly loved by many. Most kids love to eat it fried. Some people love to eat it roasted. I love chicken grilled. But whatever way you may prefer to cook your chicken, you must remember to store it properly. Storing the chicken well would keep it from easily spoiling.

To properly store the chicken you could either put it in the refrigerator or pop in it a freezer. Choosing between these two options would depend on for how long you would like to store your chicken. So how long does frozen chicken last? And how long does the refrigerated chicken last?

Frozen chicken lasts way longer than refrigerated chicken. Refrigerated chicken only lasts for a day or two. That is if it is refrigerated properly at about 40 °F. Frozen chicken, if done properly, can last for a whole year. How long a frozen chicken lasts also depends on the type of chicken.

Not all frozen chicken lasts for one whole year. Raw whole chicken lasts for a whole year. Raw chicken parts can last for 9 months. Raw ground chicken or chicken giblets can be stored frozen for 3 to 4 months. Cooking the chicken would lessen the time it can stay frozen. Cooked whole chicken and chicken parts can only last for 4 months if frozen, much less compared to raw chicken. Cooking the whole chicken or the chicken parts with some broth or gravy and freezing them afterward can prolong the storage of the chicken by 2 months. Cooked ground chicken can be stored for a month to three.

For the chicken to stay juicy despite being frozen for months and months, it must be properly frozen. And to properly freeze the chicken, it must be stored at a temperature not exceeding 0 °F. Before chucking the chicken into the freezer, you should wrap it up with foil. Make sure that there are now air spaces within the wrapping. The air spaces could cause freezer burn, making the chicken dry. You could also use other freezer wraps to cover the chicken. If you’re freezing chicken parts, it is best to do these in portions. Don’t wrap everything in one. This will help when you are thawing your chicken. If you wrap the chicken in portions, you wouldn’t have to thaw more than you need to. If you happen to have an excess of thawed chicken, it is best if you thaw it properly and cook it before putting it in the freezer again, although it is highly recommended not to refreeze your chicken.

So, frozen chicken can last up to a year. But why let it stay in the freezer that long? Chicken, like any food, is best when fresh.

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