How long does a Spray Tan Last?

How long does a Spray Tan Last? Who says tanning could only be done during the summer? Nowadays, you don’t have to wait for summer in order to get the perfect and ideal skin tan. Most Caucasian people are fond of having their pale skin tanned. This makes a person look more attractive and appealing to others. That is why; if you are one of the people who would like to get a nice shade of sun-kissed tan on their skin, spray tanning the best solution for you!

from certain angles, I´ve still got itWhat is spray tanning? Spray tanning is the artificial application of a tanning solution on your skin. This requires no sun bathing, thus preventing its painful side effects of sun burn. In short, spray tanning is just like painting your skin with a nice, golden brown color. The effects are very believable that even your friends and families could be fooled.

How long does a spray tan last? A spray tan would last depending on the type of spray material being used. These days, there are already a number of ways in order to get you spray tanned. The first thing that you can do is by using self spray tanning materials. This method can be done only inside your house with the use of over-the-counter spray tanning products. This could be one of the cheapest ways to doing spray tanning; however, doing it yourself might cause only worse problems in the end. Aside from self spray tanning, you can also try using the method of airbrush tan. Airbrush tan is done by a trained tanner who will air brush the tanning solution all over your body. This means that your full body exposure is going to be required. In case none of these suits your preference, you can always go for spray tanning machines. This involves going inside a cubicle, where a number of small holes or sprinklers are located. This machine will then automatically spray the tanning solution in your body, which will last only for a minute. This might also require full exposure of your body; however, no other person is needed to do the spraying.

Spray tanning is now very popular all over the world. This artificial tanning is also very safe and convenient to use. In just a few seconds, your body can already glow in a beautiful tan color. However, spray tanning is a lot more expensive than natural tanning. A session would usually cost an average of 50 dollars, and in order to get the perfect tan, a course would require you several sessions. The effects of a single spray tanning would usually last for a week. However, if you sweat or swim a lot, your tan would tend to fade a lot faster. For longer effects, showers are not allowed 8 hours after the tanning session. Other skin procedures such as waxing or shaving are also prohibited prior to a session.

Doing spray tanning is definitely a great way to give an extra shine and color on your skin. This means you don’t have to travel anymore to tropical countries such as Brazil, just to get yourself a beautiful tan color. With spray tanning, you can already become as gorgeous as the hottest Brazilian models out there.

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