How is Lipstick Made?

Lipsticks, they come in various colors and shades. Some shimmer while others give you juicy lips. But have you ever wonder what lipstick is made of? When you put it on your lips, don’t you ever ask, “How is lipstick made?” Read on to find out more about this makeup for your lips.

Because there are many different types of lipsticks, lipsticks are made of different materials depending on what type of lipstick it is. But all of them have some basic or primary ingredients. These lipstick ingredients are wax, oil, pigment, and alcohol. The wax is a mixture of beeswax and candilla. The oil, on the other hand, can vary; it can either be mineral, lanolin, vegetable, or castor oil. The wax gives the lipstick its shape. Without the wax, the lipstick wouldn’t be a lipstick. Preservatives are also added to the lipstick to keep the natural ingredients from decaying. Fragrance is another ingredient added to lipsticks to give that nice scent. And, of course, pigment is common to all lipsticks as this is what gives the lipsticks their distinct color.

And they all go under a certain procedure. This procedure involves three basic steps: melting and mixing, molding, and labeling and packaging. In the first step of the process, melting and mixing, the raw ingredients are basically melted and mixed separately, depending on the type of ingredient. The solvents are mixed together, the oils in another, and the fats and wax are in a third mixture. The solvent and oil are then mixed together with the pigment. This mixture is then grinded to make sure that the mixture is smooth. At this point, air is introduced into the mixture. So, as the mixture is stirred for several hours, some manufacturers vacuum the air out. Then, the hot wax is added into the mixture. Everything is mixed until uniform color and proper consistency is achieved.

Once everything is mixed and filtered, it is ready to be molded into that stick shape. The mixture is dispensed into tube molds. The lipstick is then allowed to cool. Once the lipstick is cooled, it is then removed from the mold and the bottom is sealed. The lipstick then passes through a flame to seal any holes and give it a nice finish. The lipstick is then checked for any blemishes and is reworked if found with such imperfections.

If the lipstick passes the inspection, it goes into the third step, labeling and packaging. The lipstick tube is capped and is labeled. Then all of the other lipsticks in the batch are boxed and packed as individual lipsticks or as part of a makeup kit.

This is the basic process and basic ingredients of lipsticks. Some special ones have other ingredients that give them that extra luster. Different companies use different equipments and so some details of the procedure may vary as well.

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