How Far is Mars from the Sun?

Our teachers in elementary have taught us perfectly about the different planets in the solar system. They have told us that there are nine planets revolving around the sun, which is found in the center of this system. In addition to this, our teachers have also discussed to us the position of each planet in relation to the sun. They have taught us that Mercury is the closest planet followed by Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (however, recent findings have concluded that Pluto is not a planet). Nevertheless, there are still a lot of things that we don’t know about with regards to these heavenly bodies. One of these things is the knowledge about the exact distance between each planet to the sun. So how far is Mars from the Sun?

One thing that we should know about these planets is that when they revolve around the sun, they do not usually take a perfect circle course. This means that their orbit takes an elliptical shape, which is similar to the shape of an oval. Basing on this fact, we can already conclude that the distance of each planet to the sun is not constant. In other words, its distance varies depending on its current position. Aside from this, having an oval-shaped orbit also means that every planet has a closest and a farthest point to the Sun. When a planet reaches its closest point, this is what we call as the perihelion, while its farthest or most distant point is called aphelion.

If we try to look at a picture or a model of the solar system, we can see that Mars is the 4th body from the Sun. It actually follows our planet, Earth, and precedes the planet of Jupiter. When Mars reaches it aphelion point, it is then found 249 million kilometers away from the Sun or approximately 1.67 AU (Astronomical Units). On the other hand, if it reaches its perihelion or closest point, it will be situated 207 million kilometers or 1.38 AU from the sun. If we were to choose one answer, then we will need to get the average of both distances. This will then produce us the answer of 228 million kilometers or 1.52 AU.

In addition to this, the orbit of Mars is considered to be very eccentric, which means that its revolution is very odd and irregular. This causes the seasons in Mars to be very brutal and extreme having countless sand storms with extreme temperatures. These are basically some of the important facts and details about Mars most especially its distance from the Sun.

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