How far do you stand from a dartboard?

If you are new to the game of darts, you might be wondering: how far do you stand from a dartboard. The answer depends on whether the game is a formally recognized darts game played at tournament standard, or an informal game played in a bar.

If the game of darts is a formal tournament, the throwing line, also known as the oche, is placed 7 feet, 9 ¼ horizontally from the dartboard. This is an internationally recognized standard set by the World Darts Federation and will always be adhered to in official darts games played all over the world.

For more informal games played in your local bar, the distance between you and the dartboard can be anywhere from 6 to 8 feet. If you play darts regularly, you are likely to come across many variations in this distance. Some games are known to have been played at a distance of 9 feet, whereas others are played at a considerably shorter distance of 6 feet.

When working out the answer to the question: how far do you stand from the dartboard, you need to take into account the thickness of the dartboard before you measure the oche line. Since a normal dartboard is 1 ½ inches thick, the oche line should be measured from the bullseye in the centre of the board, as opposed to the wall itself.

One way of making sure the oche distance is as correct as it can be is to use some string to measure a line from the centre of the bull diagonally to the floor. This should be a distance of 115 3/8 inches. However, this will only work if the dartboard has been hung at the correct height of 5 feet 8 inches from the floor to the bullseye.

Always make sure you hang a dartboard securely. The last thing you need at a crucial moment in the game is for the board to topple from the wall when a stray dart hits the mounting clips. Not only will be this be very annoying, it could also lead to all manner of rioting in the bar. Proper brackets are the best way to hang a dartboard and these can be bought cheaply enough.

If you are planning on installing a dartboard in your bar, there will be many different designs available to choose from. Cheap and cheerful dartboards can be hung for very little money and these will do the job and allow the regulars to enjoy a quick game of darts between pints. If you are intending to form a darts team and host regular matches, you might want to spend a little more money on a better quality dartboard that comes with its own scoring panel. Some dartboards have their own cabinets so that the dartboard can be covered up when not in use.

Darts is a very enjoyable game and the rules are quite simple, even for beginners. If you have not tried darts before, make sure you have a go next time you visit your local bar for a pint or three. You never know, you might end up playing for the oub darts team!

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