How far do you put a tampon in?

Using a tampon for the first time can be a very nerve racking experience. For example, working out how far do you put a tampon in is one question that many young girls worry about. If you are not sure, it is not always a question that you can ask easily!

Tampons are small bullet shaped products that are designed to absorb the menstrual flow of your period. Unlike sanitary pads, they are used internally and are a far more discreet way of dealing with the monthly flow of blood. Like sanitary pads, tampons can be bought in different levels of absorbency and can be used at all stages of your period.

If you have not used a tampon before, it is a good idea to start off with the smallest size to make insertion easier. You will probably find the tampon goes in far more easily when your period is at it heaviest, but the most important thing you should do is relax—if you are tense, you will have a hard time inserting the tampon.

Tampons are available in different styles. Applicator tampons come with a cardboard tube which helps push the tampon inside your body. Non-applicator tampons do not have this and you must use your finger to push the tampon inside. Compact tampons have a plastic applicator that extends down once the tampon packet has been opened. They work in the same way as a cardboard applicator.

How far do you put a tampon in?

Before you even start trying to insert a tampon, always wash your hands first. Using dry hands, remove the tampon from the wrapper and get yourself in a comfortable position. The applicator needs to be inserted inside your vagina so that the string is hanging outside. Once the outer tube is all the way inside, push the inner tube to insert the tampon before removing the outer applicator tube. The string needs to be visible as this is what you use to remove the tampon.

It is impossible to insert a tampon too far, so do not panic about this. If you have inserted the tampon correctly, you should not be able to feel it. If you can feel the tampon and it is uncomfortable in any way, it is not far enough inside, or you have inserted it incorrectly. If in doubt, remove it and have another go with a fresh tampon. Like most things in life, practice makes perfect!

How far do you put a tampon in if you cannot see what you are doing?

You might find it helpful to use a small mirror if you are unsure where your vaginal opening is. Using a mirror is a good way to become more familiar with your anatomy. Vaginal lubricant can also be helpful if you need some extra assistance to encourage the tampon to slide in more easily.

Always remember to change tampons regularly. Toxic Shock Syndrome is a potentially fatal condition that can affect women who use tampons. It is caused by the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus that grows when a tampon is left inside your vagina too long. It is rare, but always follow the recommended guidelines for inserting tampons and do not put yourself at risk.

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