How Far do the Appalachian Mountains Run North and South?

Most of us commonly mistook the shape of the world as round; however, it is, in fact, spherical. Viewing the globe from outer space makes it look like a perfect circle, but the surface of the earth is actually very rugged and uneven. This can be associated with the different land formations including hills, trenches and numerous mountain ranges that make the facade of the earth look irregular. An example of a mountain range is the one found in the US-Canada border which is known as the Appalachian Mountains.

A mountain range is defined as a chain of mountains or mountain ridges that are close to each other and runs in the same direction. A single mountain range can be so long that it can sometimes run across several countries or even continents. The Appalachian mountain range is located on the North Eastern region of United States all the way to Canada. This serves as a wall from the west to the east and is considered to be one of the highest ranges in the world. Because of its irregular formation, the boundaries of the Appalachian Mountains are not accurately drawn. It is said that this range covers at least thirteen provinces in North Eastern America. Most part of the range is located in the US which covers about 100 to 300 miles or 480 kilometers. So how far do the Appalachian Mountains run north and south? This range starts from Newfoundland, Canada going all the way to central Alabama, which is approximately 1, 500 miles. The highest point can be seen in North Carolina and is called as Mount Mitchell, which stands at approximately 6, 684 feet or 2,037 meters.

Because of its massive formation, the Appalachian Mountains can be seen in about ten states including Tennessee, Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina and Virginia. Some parts of the range are also seen in areas of northern Georgia and Pennsylvania, southern Ohio and the west region of South Carolina. An Appalachian trail is also located in the range where it runs approximately 3,500 kilometers from Maine all the way to the Springer Mountain in Georgia. This trail runs along the ridge line of the Appalachian Mountains crossing over its highest peaks and the range’s vast boondocks. An international trail is also located in the portion of Canada which starts from northern Maine all the way to the province of Quebec that runs approximately more than 1000 kilometers. This trail is a separate track from the one found in Georgia. Right now, the extension of the International Appalachian Trail is still under construction and can be seen in Newfoundland.

Discovering how far do the Appalachian Mountains run north and south is an important thing that all trekkers and hikers need to know. This range may look like the Earth’s pimple marks from space, but if we look closely, we can really see how beautiful the Appalachian range is.

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