How far do soccer players run in a game?

If you enjoy watching soccer on the television, do you ever find yourself wondering: how far do soccer players run in a game? It can often seem like the players are running for miles as the game progresses, especially if it is a particularly thrilling match and the ball is passed frequently, but the answer to your question will depend on the level of soccer being played. It will also depends on what position the player is in.

How far do soccer players run in a game?

If a player is part of the local pub team and he only ever turns out for one game per week, the likelihood is strong that he will spend the majority of the match trying to catch his breath back while the ball passes him by.

Midfield players do most of the running around in soccer games as they have a larger portion of the pitch to cover, therefore they are likely to run around 3 miles during the course of the average game. The goalie, on the other hand, will do very little running around other than the occasional burst of speed to intercept the call in an attempt to stop the opposing players from scoring.

Players in professional soccer teams are expected to do far more running around the pitch during their games. The pitches are usually larger in size and the matches tend to be played at a faster pace. Consequently, a professional midfielder soccer player can expect to run around 6 miles per game although, once again, soccer players in other positions will run less than this.

In world cup soccer matches, the players can easily expect to run further than this distance due to the level the game is played at. If the match runs to extra time, they will be forced to run even further, unless they get substituted or injured, so it is hardly surprising that the average soccer player in a world cup match is usually beginning to look slightly jaded by the end of the match.

But how far do soccer players run in a game played at world cup level?

The average player’s run in a soccer game played at world cup level has been calculated to be around 10 miles. The mid field players will run more than this as they push the ball from the home half of the pitch, right the way into the opponents half so that the forwards can attempt to score a goal. The players on the back line do not usually run forwards too much, and the forward players tend not to travel too far back, so they both run less.

All this running around can be quite tough, especially if the match is played in hot and humid conditions, but thankfully soccer players are well trained (and well paid), and are more than able to cope with extended periods of strenuous activity.

So next time you are sitting in your armchair watching soccer players running frenetically around a large pitch, spare them some sympathy as you open another can of beer—it is not easy running 10 miles in 90 minutes!

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