How Far do Mosquitoes Fly?

Living the great outdoors is a fun way to spend the day. Imagine you and your friends on a camping site and once the moon takes over, you start a bonfire to light up the night. You share stories, roast marshmallows, and perhaps catch a few mosquito bites here and there. You try not to mind the gift of itch that these little creatures gave you. Of course, these bites did not surprise you at all. In fact, you expected them. Out on the woods, camping, surely these bites are part of the package. I mean you even get them from your backyard; these mosquitoes are everywhere!

So how exactly do these mosquitoes travel? Do they travel at all? If so, how far do mosquitoes fly? Well, there are about 2,500 species of mosquitoes all around the globe, and not much have been studied from all these groups. However, according to certain studies, there are species that have flight ranges of 1 – 3 miles. This is a feat compared to the Asian Tiger Mosquito that has a limited flight range of 300 ft. Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are also known as forest day mosquito, from the mosquito family Culicidae. These mosquitoes have characteristic black and white striped legs together with a small body that is also striped with black and white. They are also known to have been brought to other continents, originating from the southeast lands of Asia. These tiger mosquitoes are probably one of the most studied species of mosquitoes, yet their flight range is nothing compared to the flight range of the large pool breeders.

Large pool breeders found in the Midwest are noted to have traveled up to 7 miles from their identified breeding spots. These large pool breeders do like to go around the place. However, 7 miles seem like a pretty short flight when set side by side to the longest mosquito flight ever recognized by mankind. If large pool breeders love traveling, then these mosquito flight champions, the salt marsh breeders, live and love an expedition. Exactly how far do mosquitoes fly, especially these salt marsh breeders? They are known for their 20 – 40 mile flight range. These long flights occur more when hosts are scarce. But brace yourselves, for this 40-mile flight range is still short of the longest flight range ever recorded from these salt marsh breeders. Our undisputed champions hold the record for being able to travel an enduring 100-mile journey. This only proves that mosquitoes can really go the distance.

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