How Far Do Llamas Spit?

If you have seen the animated film The Emperor’s New Groove from Disney, then you know what llamas are. Llamas are South American camelids. Yes, llamas are close relatives of camels. They are bred by Andean cultures for their meat and for their body strength. When llamas are used as a pack, they can carry immense loads. Llamas, just like any other animal, are very useful to humans. Yet, you might get into their bad side if you are not very careful.

Mr Al PakaLlamas can also be very defensive. It’s animal instinct to protect yourself against potential danger. And llamas are just the same. In order to protect themselves, llamas spit at each other. Llamas are actually famous for their spitting behavior. So how far do llamas spit? A couple of feet away from a spitting llama and you’re a sure hit. You would be sporting a new color, green. And after that people might think you have bought a new perfume. A llama’s spit stinks like hell. And why wouldn’t it? Their spit is not just saliva as most people would think. They actually spit out the chewed grass that’s been partly digested from its cud. Llamas’ spit is gross and stinky. So how far do llamas spit? Or better yet, how far do you have to be to avoid this spitting experience?

You might think 6 feet would be enough. Really how far do llamas spit? It won’t be able to reach 6 feet, right? Sadly, 6 feet is still not a safe distance. You will still be sprayed on with its spit. So how far do you really have to go to be safe?

Well, llamas’ spit can still reach you up to around 11 feet. 11 feet is a fair distance. If you are able to act quickly enough, you might just be able to void being spit on. But in a windy day, you might want to stay a few more feet back. Once a llama spits, it’s pretty difficult to protect yourself from it. Their spitting happens so fast.

So instead of trying to avoid being hit by their spit, it is better to avoid giving the llama a reason to spit. Most llamas don’t actually like to spit because the bitter taste of their spit lingers in their mouths. They only spit in order to establish their dominance, their power over the other llamas. You see, they don’t even like spitting on humans. It is usually a llama-llama interaction. In cases where they do spit on humans, it’s usually because they don’t like the way you’re treating them. So, take care of your llamas properly to avoid being spit at. That or learn to duck quickly enough.

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