Golf Swing Tips for Beginners

If you have ever hold a golf club and tried to play a game of golf than you know how difficult and frustrating this game can be. Among all the aspects of this game, putting is probably the most difficult one. Next to putting, making long swings is also not something easily to achieve. Although it seems so easy to hit the ball with a large wooden or metal stick, it can drive  people crazy. Difficulty is not a reason to just quit the game because just like any other game, you will learn by practice and mistakes. This article will give a few golf swing tips that might improve your game to a higher level. You will not beat Tiger Woods yet, but you probably have more fun when you start hitting the bal.

These golf swing tips should improve your long swing play. They are not aimed at improving your putting because this is a whole different aspect of the game.

1. The backswing should be the most important thing to focus on in the beginning. You should not focus on hitting the ball, but concentrate on your backswing.

2. The backswing consists of certain movements in a following order. It works from top to bottom, first turn your arms and shoulders followed by your hips and legs.

3. Always try to keep both of your feet on the ground. This is very important in helping you to remain balance and stay anchored.

4. You need to coil your body in order to create the torque that is necessary for your swing. Your backswing is dependent of the coiling of your body.

5. Never try to rush the backswing because this will make your swing inaccurate and you will probably miss the ball.

6. You should try to remain the same speed on the entire phase of the backswing. Maintain the same swing and try to stay steady during the swing.

7. When you are on the downswing you should let gravity do the remaining work. Forcing it will probably give you the opposite effect that you want.

8. You should keep your eyes constantly on the ball. Never loose contact with the ball when you start your backswing.

9. The hard part is that you should stay focused on the ball but don’t stay too focused on it. Think that every hit is a another practice and there is no pressure.

10. Relaxation is probably the most important aspect of the game. The moment you get frustrated is the moment you will ruin your game. Not everyone is Happy Gilmore, try to stay relaxed and focused in order to get the best out of your game.

These golf swing tips will help you improve your game. Golf is not easy but these swing tips should help you at improving your game and having more fun playing the game.

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