Getting Gum out of Carpet

Carpets are one of the most expensive floor covers. We carefully choose over multitude of carpet designs and colors as we want to purchase the best out from our budget. We lay our purchase on our floors and gasp upon seeing how marvelous it looks after it is installed. And we are then very careful not to spill anything on top of the newly installed carpet and never cause any ruins on it.

But what happens when kids mess up our hard-earned investment and play indoors and accidentally spat out gum from their mouth? What shall we do in order to clean up such horrible sight? Undeniably, accidents happen at home especially when kids are around. Let us not make this the reason to discard our carpets as we know in the first place carpets are literally expensive. We cannot afford to throw it just because of a gum on top of it.

When this situation arises, let us know some tips on getting gum out of carpet. We may be overwhelmed with the accident but in real sense, we must not panic as we can employ various ways on how to remove the gum from our treasured flooring. Relax, take a deep breath and be patient while working on this project. Just follow on the simple steps listed below:

1. Cold therapy. Removing the gum is easy when a freezing temperature is laid on top of it. Place ice cubes in a zipper bag and lay it on top of the gum-spotted area for 20 minutes. After this time, the gum solidifies and we can easily peel the gum out of the carpet.

2. Heat therapy. This mode needs extra care so to prevent fire or further ruins on the carpet. We can warm the gum until it becomes sticky. It would be then easy to pull the gum once it becomes pliable. The gum adheres better on plastics. With this, we can utilize a plastic bag while pulling the gum out of the carpet. When gum fragments are still on the surface, we can apply cold and heat therapy alternately until the surface comes off clean.

3. Multi-purpose cleaners. Using oil-based products purchased at the market such as the Goo-Gone would help remove gum from the carpet. This is effective when we apply a lot of gentle scrubbing over the surface, keeping in mind not to ruin the carpet fibers and prevent carpet discoloration.

4. Steam cleaning. A steam cleaner with the use of appropriate chemicals can effectively remove the gum out from the carpet.

5. Professional help. When we are in doubt about what we are doing, it would help of we contact carpet pr ofessionals to do the cleaning for us. This may entail additional expense but at least it saves our carpet from further ruins.

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