Historical Famous Motivational Speakers

When I think of famous motivational speakers, I think of more than just the brilliant presidents of our past most people learn about in grade school civics class.  I think of our amazing religious leaders, statesmen, and everyday folks with an uncanny ability to whip up a crowd and inspire men to greatness.  Motivating humans is more than an art form, it is a science, and understanding that science means knowing what hits us right where we live inside.

Religious Leaders

One of the two most famous motivational speakers of the twentieth century in the religious leaders category were Dr. Martin Luther King of the sixties civil rights movement and Pope John Paul the second.   These were both amazing men who used the power of brotherly love and hope not only to inspire nations, but to reshape the entire world we live in for the better.  They took on causes that ordinary men couldn’t or wouldn’t touch, and not only put a dent in the status quo, but shook the foundations of those institutions to their very core.  Hearing them speak in person must have been not only a privilege, but a life altering event, and though both of these great men are now gone their memory alone continues to work the better in the hearts of people everywhere today.

Founding Fathers

More than mere Presidents, these men are the reason we have freedom today, and they are indirectly responsible for the idea that men should not only be free in America, but that the entire world should be made of free men.  Called racists and bigots by the political machine driven to destroy the constitution they paid with blood to enact, these men are no strangers to suffering for the cause.  Though these men are too numerous to list here, that fact does not cheapen their contribution to the world.   On the contrary, that there were as many great and brilliant men publicly speaking in an age before the internet is an amazing fact.  They must have been amazing as famous public speakers, because where they not we would still be calling the toilet “Lou”.  Who knows how our world would be different if these guys had not gone out and changed the mind of the world, not just with war, but with their words.

Celebrities With a Cause

When you become a celebrity, you either fill your life with the lifestyle of the rich and famous, or you take up a cause.  There are by far too many celebrities and just as many worthy (and not worthy) causes that go along with them, but they make up a significant portion of the motivational public speakers we have today.  Some of them, like Bill Cosby for example, get paid a king’s ransom for their brilliant public appearances; a few of these celebrities actually contribute good things to the world that has blessed them so abundantly.  The celebrities that use their status to make our world a better place are a very valuable part of our society, and deserve all the kindness and adoration we can send them.

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