Interesting Facts about Red Admiral Butterflies

When God created the earth, He made sure that everything was perfect. He made us into His image and likeness, and he also created all the animals and creatures wonderfully and simply breathtaking. And this includes the beautiful butterflies. Butterflies are without a doubt one of my favorite creatures here on earth. Their life cycle is also very interesting. Known to many, these insects did not start living as attractive creatures. All butterflies start as caterpillars before it metamorphose into one. And to think, caterpillars are considered one of the least favorite creatures of many people. Nevertheless, the life cycle of this particular insect is a good example to the saying that “first impressions do not last”.

These days, there are already thousands of different species of butterflies all over the world. Some of them are small while others are as big as our palms. One notable type of butterfly is none other than the red admiral. So what are the different facts about red admiral butterflies? The red admiral or Vanessa atalanta is a type of butterfly that is commonly seen in Asia, North America and some parts of Europe. This colorful butterfly can grow each of its wings at a span of 2 to 2.5 inches or approximately 50 to 60 mm. The red admirals are known warm-climate lovers. They only migrate north if the season is spring. This butterfly also has a very interesting and attractive wing pattern and color. Most admirals exhibit a dark brown, red and black color. It usually has orange bands and white spots near the front margin making it look more eye-catching. Its body and wings are also velvety in texture which means they are covered with small hair follicles. Distinguishing males from females is quite difficult since there are really no known and distinct characteristics that separate the two.

When admirals are still on its caterpillar form, it usually feeds on nettles, but as it transforms into a butterfly, it consumes nectars from flowers as well as the juice of overripe fruits including apples and mangoes. The admirals are also territorial creatures, which mean they stay in a particular place and guard it as their own. As a caterpillar, the red admiral is also dark brown in color and is also spiky looking. Most of them hide under tree leaves and plants, but as it starts to metamorphose, it usually hides somewhere else that is safe and distant from other creatures.

In summary, the red admirals are indeed one of the most marvelous creatures here on earth. They just don’t help plants pollinate, but they also make the whole environment look extraordinarily stunning.

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