Facts about Spain for Children

Spain is one of the most influential countries in the world. It is known to be enriched with culture, arts and history. Spain had colonized various countries in the world as they are known to be one of the most powerful empires in the 16th century. Their cultural heritage had been imparted to their colonies and their strong and rich legacy is still grasped today.

Knowing about Spain’s history and culture is never boring. There are facts about Spain for children that they would find interesting and fun. This article will enumerate some there is to know about this festive and magnetic country.

Spain is a European country with Madrid as the capital. This country is tied with strong Catholic influence. Majority of the residents are Roman Catholics and most of their festivities are related with the faith they hold.

This country has a land area of 194, 897 square miles and it is said to be twice the size of Oregon, a state in the US. As of July 2006, the recorded population is 40, 397,842 and the Spaniards speak Castilian Spanish. The people are highly literate though it is found that more women go to Spain’s universities than men.

The Spaniards love to celebrate. When they hold festivities, they always accompany this with music. One of the popular dances native to Spain is flamenco. This dance has three basic elements and these are the song, the dance and the guitar. They dance with grace and elude with passionate moves that capture the hearts of international viewers.

One of the fascinating facts about Spain is how they celebrate Christmas. They do not only mark December 25 as the only day to celebrate the birth of Jesus but this goes on until January 6, the Three Kings Day. Children are the ones filled with too much excitement as they receive Christmas presents during the eve of this day.

Spain’s cuisine marks the culinary fondness of people all around the world. They serve delicious and homey meals and they give high regards to mealtimes and this is usually spent together with families. Their traditional breakfast consists of churros, a doughnut that is dipped with hot chocolate for superb indulgence.

As for lunch, this is eaten at 2 in the afternoon and usually consists of sumptuous meals and served with rice as this is a staple of Spanish cuisine. After taking lunch, they indulge into siesta, a short afternoon nap. They take two to three hours of break from their activities and resumes thereafter.

Dinner time is kind of late in Spain. They serve dinner in between 9 to 10 in the evening. How do you show your appreciation when you favored the meal you just eaten? This is shown by asking for a second serving.

In Spain, you will learn exquisite way of life and leave with good memories to last.