Interesting Facts about Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus is a known Italian explorer and navigator. Being a colonizer indeed made his mark in world history; however, what made him more famous was his discovery of the American continents. Because of this, the relationship between Native Americans and Europeans was established, thus started historical trades and battles between the two places. This started the popularity of the name Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus was born in the year 1451 in a place in Italy called Genoa. The Columbuses were known as a middle-class family. Chris and his father earned their family’s living by working at their cheese stand. He was then enrolled at a school in Portugal. This school was called Prince Henry’s school of navigation. Despite Chris Columbus’ popularity, not one portrait of this explorer ever existed. However, historians describe Columbus to be red-headed and light-eyed.

In the year 1470, Chris Columbus joined a Genoese ship in aid of the Duke of Anjou, Rene I. Their mission was to colonize and conquer the Naples Kingdom. At that time, Chris Columbus was only roughly 20 years old. By the year 1473, Columbus became a business agent for some well known families in Genoa. It was only in the 1480s where Columbus started to plan his exploration to the Indies with the support of some of his brothers. Because of the absence of today’s technology, miscalculations and misconceptions were common at those times. This resulted to Columbus’ decision of sailing the Atlantic Ocean which is said to be the nearest way to reach Asia. This, however, is not true. He even thought that world’s circumference is approximately only 25,255 kilometers.

This plan sparked a lot of questions and doubts regarding Columbus’ capabilities. Nevertheless, due to Spain’s hunger for supremacy in Europe, the Spanish King accepted the plans of Columbus and even funded the voyage. The sail across Atlantic started on August 3, 1492 and found the first patch of land by October 12 of the same year. This land is known to be part of the present-day Bahamas. When he reached the Americas, he named the natives as Indians, thinking that the place is already the country of India. He then visited the islands of Cuba and other Caribbean countries before heading back to Spain on March 15, 1943.

His trips to the Americas did not end there. He even made several more trips back and forth as he discovered more islands and the native inhabitants. Chris Columbus, however, died on May 20, 1506 due to an illness called Reiter’s syndrome. Nevertheless, despite his death, Chris Columbus’ works and achievements made him very known, not just in the Americas and Europe, but in the whole world.

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