Does Oyster Sauce Taste Like Oysters?

Some say that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. For most people, food is one of the few things that are not easy to resist. Who doesn’t like to eat? Countries all over the globe do have different styles in cooking their specialty dishes and cuisines. Mexican foods are known for their hot and spicy flavor, while Italian cuisines are more into herbs and spices. No matter what type of food is being served, it is always added with different flavoring and condiments in order to give it more taste to relish. Just like what most Asian countries do, they add different types of rich sauces to provide their food with texture. One of the most commonly used Asian sauces is none other than the oyster sauce.

What is oyster sauce? Does oyster sauce taste like oysters? There are still some people who are not familiar with what oyster sauce is. However, this rich and dark sauce is now widely used by cooks and chefs all over the globe. Oyster sauce is a thick and dark brown seasoning that is made up of soy sauce, sugar and salt. This type of sauce is usually thickened with the use of cornstarch and is added with oyster extracts to give a boost in its flavor. Most South East Asian countries are fond of using oyster sauce in their delicacies.
Oysters do taste a little like oysters; however, its flavor is combined naturally with soy flavor and other condiments that it produces one strong and unique flavor. In fact, oyster sauces are not only used for seafood dishes, but are also used in beef, pork or chicken cuisines. Some oyster sauces are even made of vegetable-base products specifically mushrooms. This eliminates its “fish-like” flavor making it a good pair for sautéed vegetables. If to compare oyster sauce with another known dish flavoring, it is probably similar with Worcestershire sauce in terms of their color and strong flavor.

Oyster sauces can be bought in local grocery stores, and some are even found in Asian condiment shops. These days, there are already a number of brands of oysters available in the market. This means that choosing for the one that suits our taste buds best will not be that hard.

In summary, some oyster sauces do taste a little like oysters especially those with oyster extracts. However, having the name “oyster sauce” does not limit its use for seafood dishes only. Its flavor is also very versatile, which means it is also served best with other types of cuisines. So in case rich and flavorful dishes are in mind, the use of oyster sauce is definitely a good idea.

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