Does it Hurt to Get your Tongue Pierced?

Piercing is probably one of the most favorite things that most young men, and even women, would like to do to their bodies. Piercing is similar to having a tattoo; however, instead of marking a pattern on the skin, it attaches small metal pieces or figures. Piercing is usually in different parts of the body. Some of the most common areas for piercing is the ear lobes, the eyelid, the nose, the belly button and of course the tongue. Nevertheless, piercing would not only entail style or design on our body, but it would also require some endurance to pain. But is the pain tolerable or not? That is why in order for us to know more about this, let us try to answer the question; does it hurt to get your tongue pierced?

Piercing definitely comes with pain because from its word itself, it requires inserting a large bore needle through the skin. And most of us already know that the skin is comprised of countless nerve endings that once they are irritated, it can release the pain reaction or sensation. This likewise goes the same for the tongue. The tongue is also known to be made of many nerve endings and sensors like taste buds. If a needle is inserted through it, it will undoubtedly produce a sharp pain on the site. However, the pain felt during tongue piercing would also be affected by the method or way the needle is inserted or is pierced. If this procedure is done by a professional artist or person, then the process would not be as painful as it could have been. This is the reason why we should always choose the right person, who is already considered an expert in doing procedures such as this.

Usually, professional piercers would use a topical anesthetic agent over the surface of the tongue in order to numb the area before the actual piercing is done. This shuts down the nerve endings in order to prevent it from producing pain reactions to the insertion. The process may still be a little painful since the inside of the tongue is not affected by the topical agent. However, most people who have already experienced getting their tongue pierced would usually describe it as uncomfortable rather than painful. The experience is also very fast since as soon as the needle is inserted the barbell is put in place and the jewelry usually follows. After that, the bottom ball, which will serve as an anchor, will be attached in order to lock the barbell in.

In summary, the entire experience of tongue piercing is actually very tolerable in terms of its pain. This, however, is a subjective assessment, which means that it still depends on each person because some of us have low thresholds to pain, while other are capable of tolerating it. So in case we want to get our tongue pierced, then we should ponder wisely about this decision.

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