Difference between Catholic and Christian

Christianity started over 2000 years ago, when Jesus was sent on earth to teach and preach the Holy Word of God. When we say we are Christians, we only serve one God and we abide in His words and teachings and His love for us. Christianity these days are divided into several denominations and two of the biggest followers of this faith are the Catholics and the Christians or often called the Protestants. Since Catholicism also stands as a Christian denomination, what is the difference between Catholic and Christian?

There are many differences among the two but despite of their distinctions, Catholicism and Christianity also has similarities. Both religions believe on one true God and God is the Creator, Sustainer and our Salvation. He is the Father, the Son and the Spirit and the Savior who came into this world to save us from our sins. And He shall come again for the final judgment and His return is unknown to man. He is the Head of the Church and His Spirit dwells in us. He is everything to us and He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Catholic and Christians have doctrinal and non-doctrinal differences. First, Catholics believe in saints and they honor them as they believe saints can help them pray. They also believe that the saints’ spirits are with Christ that is why they respect them. In Christians, they do not ask for the saints’ help for their prayers as they believe only Christ can intercede with God. God alone is more than enough that is why Christians offer prayers directly to God.

While Catholics consider Mary as their greatest saint, the Christians do not believe this. Christians respect Mary as the mother of Jesus but they do not pray for her like Catholics do. Catholics believe in purgatory, a doctrine of cleansing after a sinful person dies, while Christians believe that after a person dies, he will only go either in heaven or hell. Christians also stand with their faith that when a person accepted Jesus as their Savior and reconciled with Him, they will go to heaven.

Catholics go and confess their sins through the priest as they believe this act will give them a natural sense of peace and guarantees their sins are forgiven. For Christians, they do not go through their clergy or any person to ask for confession but directly draw themselves to God and ask for forgiveness for all the sins they had committed. They ask for reconciliation immediately to God in their most private moment with the Father.

Another common difference between Catholics and Christians we all know is that the Catholic priests are not allowed to get married while Christian clergies are allowed to get married and have their own families.

Despite the differences between the two religions, what matters here is that we all accept God as our sole Father and we should believe in Him and must have faith in Him alone.

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