What are Chocolate Diamonds?

Chocolate diamonds are actually brown diamonds and compared to the well known white diamonds they aren’t worth much. Diamonds are produced in mines. The best known diamond mines are in Australia, South Africa and Russia. The largest diamond mine is only recently discovered in 1976 in the desert of Australia near a little creek named Lake Argyle. Diamonds are created under very extreme conditions of pressure and high temperature. It is a general misunderstanding that there exist only white colorless diamonds, actually diamonds exist in many different colors. They can exist in blue, white, purple and brown color but the white diamond is considered to have the highest value.

Of all the diamond mines in the world almost 80% of all diamonds produced are brownish of color. Because they are found in such large quantities compared to the other colored diamonds they were considered as low valued diamond, only good for the industry sector. But a famous man called Le Vian came with a marketing campaign to increase the popularity of the chocolate diamond. Instead of calling it a brown diamond, he gave it popular names like caramel, chocolate, cinnamon and cognac. Since his marketing campaign chocolate diamonds are becoming very popular.

The brown chocolate diamond is not considered low quality anymore and it appears in many forms in all kinds of jewelry. Many celebrities like Jennifer Lopez of Oprah Winfrey are wearing brown diamonds to show to the world how beautiful they are.

The value of a diamond is based on its shape, brightness and color. Because white diamonds are rare, their value is based on the fact that there are not many white diamonds around. but if you look at shape and brightness than the brightest diamond on this world known to men is a browm diamond. The name if the brown diamond is associated with its color. Light colored brown diamonds are often called cognac or champagne, where dark brownish diamonds carry names as caramel or chocolate.

We can say that Le Vian’s marketing campaign has worked since many people around the world have become aware of these type of diamonds. You can find them in normal jewelry stores or buy them online at various shops spread on the internet. Maybe next time your girlfriend asks for diamonds, consider her to buy chocolate diamonds. They are just as beautiful and compared to white diamonds they are far less expensive. You can buy a larger brown diamond for the same money you can buy a small white diamond.

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