Interesting Facts about Iceland

From its name, people would conclude that the country, Iceland, is mainly made of ice. But this notion is totally wrong as Iceland is so green because of its vast water supply and the temperature in this place is not freezing, as most of us think. To help us get to know more about this […] Read more »

Interesting Facts on Japan

We have known that Japan is one of the most powerful countries in the world. It is known for its richness and supremacy and they are very popular when it comes to machinery productions, robots and other high-end gadgets. What is there to know more about interesting facts on Japan? Japan, or popularly known as […] Read more »

Where is Statue of Liberty Located?

The Statue of Liberty is an immense work of art that is visited by thousands of people annually from all over the world. The picturesque statue from afar stirs up American history as well as French history as this was a joint project by both powerful nations. But in real light, this was a gift […] Read more »

Interesting Facts about Wisconsin

Wisconsin is an American state located at the north central part of the continent. It has 72 counties and the state capital is Madison and the biggest city is Milwaukee. Wisconsin is surrounded by huge body of water, mostly streams and rivers that are located along Wisconsin’s shoreline and Lake Michigan. When you plan to […] Read more »

Facts about Spain for Children

Spain is one of the most influential countries in the world. It is known to be enriched with culture, arts and history. Spain had colonized various countries in the world as they are known to be one of the most powerful empires in the 16th century. Their cultural heritage had been imparted to their colonies […] Read more »

Can you take Deodorant on a Plane?

Traveling by plane entails you to know about airport safety policies and this includes knowing what to pack in your carry-on luggage before boarding the plane, familiarization with the security rules and learning the rules about basic baggage. Before getting frantic about security personnel holding you from entering the inner portions of the airport, you […] Read more »