What is the Fastest Pitch ever Thrown?

What is the fastest pitch ever thrown in the history of baseball? This is one question that opens an opportunity for debate for all the historians, researchers, experts and fans alike. As early as 1914, people have been trying to record the speed of pitchers. Different ways of recording speed were tried, and some were […] Read more »

What is the fastest snake in the world?

Ophidiophobia. This word is used to term individuals who are extremely afraid or fearful of snakes. It is true that the majority of people in this world are scared of snakes. This is probably due to its scaly appearance, inch-long fangs or poisonous strikes. Nevertheless, we cannot deny that snakes are very fascinating creatures. If […] Read more »

What is the fastest train in the world?

Time is gold! A lot of us consider time to be as precious as money. This is the reason why we always find ways to create or invent things that could help us save or gain extra time. Such things include computers and other office machines, which could cut down work effort tremendously. Other inventions […] Read more »