What is The Biggest Animal in the World?

It is informative to know about the largest animal on Earth. Do you know that the biggest animal in the world is the blue whale? Yes, this marine mammal tops the list as it is literally humongous-sized creature! Its length measures between 75 feet to 100 feet and it weighs massively. The heaviest blue whale […] Read more »

What is the Biggest Bird in the World?

When we hear birds chirping when we sit near the window, or when we’re out on the lawn breathing fresh air, we almost always imagine these birds to be cute little birds twittering to a happy tune. I remember this kind of birds from those classic fairytale cartoons like Cinderella. They just seem so friendly […] Read more »

What is the Biggest Plane in the World?

As of now, the known biggest plane in the world is none other than The Airbus A380. This passenger plane has a wingspan of approximately 79.8 meters and a length of 72.75 meters. The approximate height of this gigantic structure is about 24.08 meters and its maximum takeoff weight could reach about 560,000 kilograms. It […] Read more »

What is the Biggest Rat in the World?

If we were to decide what the most hated pests in the world are, the rats are probably one of the top answers. At home, seeing rats is one of the scariest things that most people (especially the housewives) could ever experience. Although they don’t have wings and small creepy legs like the cockroaches, many […] Read more »