What does the iPod Touch Do?

Although the iPod Touch has already been sold in the market for years now, a lot of us are still unaware of what are the functions of this gadget. Some say it’s a necessity, while others say it’s just for fun. However, an iPod Touch is actually a combination of the two descriptions. It is […] Read more »

What Does WiFi Stand For?

In the past years, connecting to the Internet would require us to have a computer and a bundle of wires and cables. It is through these lines wherein we could have access to the World Wide Web. However, as time progressed, we were able to improvise our access to the Internet. Nowadays, we could already […] Read more »

Can I Use a PS3 Controller on my PC?

We all know that our PCs can do just about anything. It allows us to watch movies, surf the net, download music, type or encode files and even play some exciting games. However, many people are still saying that the PC is not as good as watching movies using the DVD player, or listening music […] Read more »

Can I watch DVDs on My Wii?

The world changed with the release of Nintendo Wii. Everyone was just astounded with Wii’s wireless controller, the Wii Remote. The handheld device that detects motion in three dimensions is the distinguishing feature of the Wii console. And this is basically what caught the eye of many people around the world. People wanted to have […] Read more »

What does Jailbreaking an iPod Touch Do?

There are indeed a lot of things that we could do with our Apple gadgets. With the use of these items, whether it is an iPod touch or an iPad, things that we considered impossible 10 years ago is now very feasible. We can surf the net with just a touch of a few buttons […] Read more »

How does a Telephone work?

The creation of the telephone has made communication a lot cheaper and more personal. Long before its creation, people travel just to relay an important message. Developments were made in the field of communication until March 10, 1876 came where the telephone was finally invented. What is a telephone? How does a telephone work? A […] Read more »

How to Remove your SIM Card from your iPhone?

How to remove your  SIM card from your iphone? Your iPhone, just like any other mobile phone, needs a SIM card before you can use it. The SIM card, which is short for subscriber identity module or subscriber identification module, let’s you have access to network services like calling and texting. So without a SIM […] Read more »

When was the First TV Made?

It’s Saturday night. You have no pans of going out. You heard there was this special documentary to be shown at 8 in the evening. So, you ready yourself some dinner and went over to sit at the couch. And you turn on the television. Yes, the television, the telly, or the TV as what […] Read more »

When Did the First iPod Come Out?

These days, people just can’t seem to live without their iPod. Everyone just seems to be listening with their iPod. And now, there are so much more that people can do with their iPods. People can now play many different games. You could also watch videos and update your status in various social networking sites. […] Read more »

What is a 64 bit Operating System?

When we buy our personal computers and laptops, we usually make sure that the brand is the best one. We pick the most attractive color, and we also opt for the sleekest and most sophisticated designs just to suit our liking. However, the physical features of a computer will not be able to satisfy our […] Read more »