What is Offside in Soccer?

Aside from basketball, soccer is currently making its way to the top as the most watched and most anticipated outdoor sports of today. David Beckham, Diego Marado and Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima are some names that can be linked directly with soccer. Seeing soccer in the television with your friends may be fun but […] Read more »

What does Fifa stand for in English?

What does Fifa stand for in English? In French, it is the Fédération Internationale de Football Association. What does Fifa stand for in English? Translated into English, FIFA means International Federation of Association Football. FIFA is the official governing body of international football as well as the World Cup. Fifa is based in Zurich, Switzerland […] Read more »

What does a Yellow Card Mean in Soccer?

Goal! All people would definitely like to hear this word whenever they are playing soccer. Soccer is a type of sport played by two opposing teams. Each team consists of 11 players including 1 goalie (for professional soccer games). The main objective of the game is to try and score as many goals using any […] Read more »

What does FIFA Stand for?

It is safe to say that in some countries, especially in Europe, soccer or football is almost as important as food. Many countries all over the world are avid fans of the game soccer. A soccer game is played by two opposing teams. In a professional tournament, each team has 11 players (including 1 goalie). […] Read more »

Why do People Yell Fore in Golf?

Why do people yell fore in golf? Golfers yell, “Fore!” to let others know there might be a small ball sailing perilously close to their head within the next few seconds. It is basically a warning for others to duck out of the way. Golf, like many games involving a ball propelled at speed, can […] Read more »