Can I Eat Hot Dogs while Pregnant?

When you get pregnant, a lot of things change. One of which is your diet. You have to be extremely careful with the food you eat. Some foods, you have to avoid even if it is your favorite dish. One particular food that many pregnant women should be careful about is hot dogs. A lot […] Read more »

Can You Eat Cheesecake when Pregnant?

When you’re pregnant, you usually crave for a certain food. And sometimes these cravings cannot be taken for granted. But, being pregnant, there are certain cravings you can do nothing but ignore. You have to be extra careful with the food you eat, the medicines you take, and the things you do. And all of […] Read more »

What is Ovulation?

Many young girls get anxious when their first menstrual period comes. Many don’t know what to do and why such thing happens. They ask questions like “Why do girls shed blood?”, “How often does this occur?”, and “How long does a period last?” But these questions are difficult to answer if we don’t answer one […] Read more »

What Does a Contraction Feel Like?

What does a contraction feel like? No two women will have contractions that feel identical. The only universal thing common to all women is that contractions hurt. A lot! But as your due date grows near, how can you be certain that the pains you are experiencing are real contractions and not just practice contractions? […] Read more »

Is It Safe to Dye Your Hair while Pregnant?

Soon-to-be mothers can get pretty excited when they know that they are pregnant. They start shopping for the baby’s clothes, toys, buying vitamins, and eating healthily, anything and everything for a happy and easy pregnancy. But it is also important that mothers do not forget about themselves. A soon-to-be mother should also make sure that […] Read more »

What does Quickening Feel Like?

There are things that we cannot fully understand if and only if we get to experience the real thing. We may have already heard that becoming pregnant is one of the most exciting yet painful things that could ever happen to a woman’s life. For sure, a lot of ladies are to relate to this […] Read more »

Can I Eat Sushi while I’m Pregnant?

Pregnant women are considered vulnerable individuals. Aside from the fact that they are carrying another life in their womb, their bodies are also not strong enough to fight off certain diseases. As we all know, when a woman is pregnant, her immune defenses will also lie low. This is because it prevents her own antibodies […] Read more »

Can I Eat Prawns when I’m Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a time in a woman’s life where in she would be carrying one or more offspring on her womb. It is a time of hormonal ups and downs especially in the first trimester of the pregnancy. Physical and emotional changes can be seen in women at this time and of course, diet changes […] Read more »