Why Do People Live Near Volcanoes?

Hawaii: a perfect spot for beach lovers all over the world. With its long stretches of golden sand, crystal blue waters, powerful waves, and luscious fruits, Hawaii is truly a paradise. A paradise built on a liquid-rock-discharging land form. Yes, that’s right. Hawaii sits on a volcano. In fact, the islands are formed from a […] Read more »

Why is it raining so much in Sydney

Why is it raining so much in Sydney might be a question that springs to mind if you have flown half way around the world to avoid the rubbish weather, only to find yourself sitting in the middle of an almighty and very unseasonable deluge! Sydney is located in New South Wales, Australia, and enjoys […] Read more »

Why is it more humid in the morning?

You might be thinking why is it more humid in the morning, when on hot summer days the humidity levels fall as the day progresses. After all, surely the humidity should stay the same, or even get higher? However, humidity is a complicated concept to grasp and many people do not truly understand it at […] Read more »

Why is it easier to float in salt water?

If you find swimming in the sea far easier than swimming in a freshwater lake, you might wonder: why is it easier to float in salt water than fresh water? Salt water is easier to float in because it is denser. Water with salt in it weights more than water with no salt in it, […] Read more »