What Does a Tick Look Like?

What does a tick look like? Tick is the name for a group of parasites commonly found on dogs and cats. Rather like fleas, ticks live on blood and are responsible for the spread of disease. The size of a tick will vary depending on how engorged with blood it is. A small tick can […] Read more »

What Does the EPA do?

The EPA stands for Environmental Protection Agency. It is the agency charged by the federal government of the United States to protect human health and the environment. But what does the EPA do? What does it exactly do and how does the EPA function? When it comes to knowing what an agency does, it is […] Read more »

What Does Poison Oak Look Like?

You come home from a hiking trip with your family. Then you just start to itch and find red blisters cropping out. And the next thing you know, you are stuck at home with a bad case of poison oak rash. The sad thing about this is that this whole situation could have been avoided […] Read more »

What does the Ozone Layer do for us?

What does the ozone layer do for us? The ozone layer is something that has appeared in the news with alarming regularity over recent years, mostly in relation to so-called “global warming”. Some scientists are convinced that destruction of the ozone layer from greenhouse gases is causing the ice caps to melt and eventually most […] Read more »

How are Earthquakes Formed?

Earthquakes are a fascinating phenomenon—unless you happen to be standing at the epicentre of one. Some tremors are so minor they barely register on the Richter scale, whereas others cause widespread devastation and loss of life. So how are earthquakes formed? Earthquakes are caused by a movement in the earth’s crust that is followed by […] Read more »

How does a Volcano Erupt?

Volcanoes are definitely one of the most fascinating land forms that can be seen on the face of the earth. These volcanoes are formed after years of plate shifting and/or moving. However, the magnificence of the appearance of volcanoes is not the only thing that makes them interesting. In fact, it is what these volcanoes […] Read more »

What are Planets Made of?

We already know that our solar system is made up of nine planets namely Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (arranged according to their distance nearest to the sun). Each of these planets varies in size and color. The distances between each planet are also not similar from each other. This […] Read more »

What does the Richter Scale Measure?

Are we prepared when earthquakes attack? This question will always play in our minds after all the disastrous things that man has encountered throughout history, which include intense earthquakes that have caused the lives of millions of people. However, earthquakes are always inevitable. As we all know, our Earth is made up of tectonic plates. […] Read more »

Is it Safe to Shower During Thunderstorms?

When I was young, my granny always reminds me not to take a shower during thunderstorms. Is it safe to shower during thunderstorms? Is it a fact or just part of the urban legend? Thunderstorms are storms that exhibit lightning and thunder. They are usually accompanied by heavy rain or sometimes hail. Thunderstorms are brief […] Read more »

Why do we only see Stars at Night?

“Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have my wish come true tonight.” My siblings and I would usually run outside our house during twilight in order to spot the first star that will appear that the night. As soon as we see it, we […] Read more »