Interesting Facts about Oregon

Oregon is a state located at the northwest region of the United States. It is bounded by Washington in the North, California in the South, Idaho in the east and Nevada on the Southeast. Oregon was first inhabited by different indigenous tribes before explorers and traders came and established an autonomous government in 1843. Oregon […] Read more »

Interesting Facts about Deserts

A desert is a region or a landscape that receives an average annual precipitation of less than 250 millimeters. Here, more water is lost through evapotranspiration than water that falls through precipitation. Deserts are sometimes tagged as “the empty Quarter” or the “death valley” because of the scarcity of water, plants, and establishments. Base on […] Read more »

Interesting Facts about Fiji

The Fiji Islands are a small group of islands, or rather a group of small islands. There are more than 300 islands, where 110 of these islands are inhabited. There are also more than 500 islets in this nation. But if you include every coral outcrop, you would reach more than a thousand islands and […] Read more »

Funny Facts about Women

You can hear a lot of men complaining about their women. You see it in films how men get together and share their problems about women. One guy says my girlfriend is too this and his buddy says all women are like that. Then another guy says that his girlfriend isn’t like that but rather […] Read more »

Interesting Facts on Poverty

Poverty is defined as the state of being poor and lacking the means of providing one’s material needs and/or comforts. It is a condition in which a person or a community lacks financial resources in order to enjoy the minimum standard of life. It is a condition that billions of people are fighting every second […] Read more »

Interesting Facts on Ecuador

Ecuador is situated on the Western portion or face of the continent. It is actually situated right on the Earth’s equator. This is the reason why it is called by its name since Ecuador means “equator” in Spanish. This country is bordered by two other countries namely Colombia and Peru. It is also in touch […] Read more »