How Long does a Cold last?

How long does a cold last? A common cold is one of life’s irritations. We all suffer from colds at one time or another and, unfortunately, there is no cure for them. Most adults suffer from between two and four colds per year whereas children have a lower immune system and usually catch between three […] Read more »

How long does Copyright Last?

How long does copyright last? Knowing this is very important for anyone in order to avoid any kinds of violations. The duration of copyright depends upon the country. You should know what rules apply in your area. The length of copyright is also dependent on the type of work, the time when the work was […] Read more »

How long does a Bikini Wax Last?

Going to the beach is a very fun and relaxing activity. It also a time for people to show off their own personal styles and fashion statements. Many would be flaunting what they’ve got with their trendy and in-style bikinis. And to make the look more fabulous, some of these beach-lovers have made sure that […] Read more »

How Long Does a Spray Tan Last?

Do you always look pale? Need a little color, a bit of glow, on your skin? Then you need to get a tan. And if you can’t get it naturally by soaking long hours in the sun, then simply get a spray tan. Spray tanning has become quite popular among average people and celebrities alike. […] Read more »

How long does Poison Ivy Last?

When we were still young, old folks had warn us about being careful with poison ivy when we play in the woods or set out at camp as we can get into real trouble when this plant comes in contact with our skin. Yes, poison ivy can cause skin irritations because it contains the compound, […] Read more »

How Long does USPS Priority Mail Take?

Sending greeting cards, letters or packages is not new to everyone especially during special holidays. Online businesses or small home based businesses also benefit a lot in shipping businesses. One establishment that Americans turn to when it comes to fulfilling their shipping needs is the USPS or the United States Postal Service. One common question […] Read more »

How long does Influenza Last?

The Flu, which is otherwise known as Influenza, is a type of illness that is caused by an influenza virus. This kind of virus usually attacks the upper respiratory system, which includes the nose, sinuses, throat, the bronchial tubes and sometimes even the lungs. When we are infected with influenza, we will usually experience symptoms […] Read more »

How long does Beer Last?

Beer is considered as the oldest beverage which dates back to the early Neolithic period when cereal was first farmed. There are archeologist who believes that beer has a significe in the formation of civilizations. The earliest proof or evidence of beer existence dates back to 3500 BC in Zagros Mountains of Western Iran. Some […] Read more »

How Long do Opiates Stay in your System?

Opiates are narcotics that contain derivatives of opium, either in natural or synthetic form. Opiates are also called Opioids and they are used for their sedative and pain killing effects. Opiates are regulated nowadays and can only be bought with prescription. As early as 3400 B.C., Opium was already cultivated in Assyria, Babylon, Sumer and […] Read more »

How Long does Weed Stay in your Hair?

Marijuana or otherwise known as Cannabis is a preparation of the Cannabis plant that is now used widely around the world as an illicit substance. This is also commonly known as hashish, hash or weed. Although the use of this drug is strictly prohibited in a lot of places, there are still a many individuals […] Read more »