How Far is a Click?

A click is basically a shorter way of saying kilometer. This is also why it’s often spelled as klick, with the K referring to kilometer. So a click is equivalent to a kilometer or 1000 meters. This is less than one mile (0.62 miles), and though the United States of America uses miles for measurement, […] Read more »

How Far is Mars from the Sun?

Our teachers in elementary have taught us perfectly about the different planets in the solar system. They have told us that there are nine planets revolving around the sun, which is found in the center of this system. In addition to this, our teachers have also discussed to us the position of each planet in […] Read more »

How Far is Venus from Earth?

Venus is the second planet from the Sun. It is the planet right before our very own planet Earth. You might think that the two planets, Venus and Earth, are near because they are neighbors. But how far is from Earth? What is the distance between Venus and Earth? Telling the distance between the two […] Read more »

How Far is Jupiter from the Sun?

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. It is greatly known for its enormous size and its Giant Red Spot. Jupiter’s diameter is about 11 times that our planet and its total mass is around two and a half times the total mass of all of the other planets and the satellites combined. […] Read more »

How Far is Earth from the Sun?

When we were still in elementary, one topic that sure sparked our interest is the solar system. Our science teacher would ask us to memorize the planets in order from the planet nearest to the sun until the farthest and have it recited in front of the class. Some teachers would even ask us to […] Read more »

How Far is Venus from the Sun?

In days before, it is already hard for us to determine the exact distance between two places like the countries of Italy and Mexico or the countries of Japan and the Philippines. However, nowadays, with the help of the advancement of science and technology, we are already capable of determining the exact margins between two […] Read more »

How Far is Uranus from Earth?

There are a lot of things that we could learn about the space. Aside from being very vast and infinite, the space is the home of many fascinating things such as galaxies, stars, meteors, asteroids and planets. Our solar system is known to have a total of nine planets. Each of these planets is very […] Read more »

How Far is Pluto from the Sun?

Knowing the distances between two objects in our solar system is already made possible due to the advancement of our technology. With the latest gadgets and state of the art electronics, we are now capable of calculating the distance of a particular planet to another object even if it is billion of miles apart. This […] Read more »

How Far is Jupiter from Earth?

There are always questions that do not have precise answers. This is because change is the only thing that is constant. A perfect example for this is the distance of the planets. We all know that there are nine planets revolving around the sun. However, their distance is not equal from each other. The planet […] Read more »

How Far is Saturn from Earth?

Our solar system is made up of different things. There are planets, stars and a lot of asteroids and meteors. Having all these things in one vast space is something that we can consider incredible. However, its beauty is always as big as its mysteries. Because of the many uncharted parts of the solar system, […] Read more »