When did Lincoln become President?

Knowing about American history enriches one’s mind. There are so many facts to learn and almost everything seems to be interesting. The United States of America is one popular nation, as all people believe. And what goes beyond a nation’s greatness and power? Is it credited to their leaders or the people? It seems controversial […] Read more »

How was the Internet Invented?

Living in this high technology world makes people in the capacity to work for their best. They are able to carry out tasks, performance and inventions that were never known before and big percentage of these achievements are all linked to the power of the Internet. Everybody is hooked with the Internet as everything they […] Read more »

When did the Revolutionary War Begin and End?

The United States of America is one of the powerful nations in the world today. But before becoming a great country as it is now, America had gone through difficulties, oppression and cruelty from colonizers in the past. They suffered from defeats and people cried from the mistreatments of other countries’ dominion over their own […] Read more »

What Causes Cold Feet?

There are times in our lives when we notice extreme coldness in certain body parts such us our feet. We then wonder what causes cold feet as oftentimes we fear about getting diseases we are unaware of or just being uncomfortable with the feeling of coldness at this body area. Before getting into frenzy about […] Read more »

American Flag Facts

Flags are designed in order to symbolize a particular place, group or even an organization. Each country also carries a specific flag not just as a symbol but also a way to exhibit or represent the history and culture of the nation. Flags do come in different colors and patterns that are unique from each […] Read more »

Some Interesting Facts on Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge

Mega structures are nowadays commonly seen almost everywhere. Because of the advancement of technology and the improvement of machinery, tall sky scrapers and many other intricate infrastructures are already made possible. One of these man-made designs is none other than the world famous bridges. A bridge is defined as a structure that is built to […] Read more »

What did the Declaration of Independence Say?

Who would have thought that the great and powerful United States of America had once been a colony of Great Britain? Yes, America had its own shares of defeat and struggles from its colonizers but the American people learned to put an end to the cruelty of Great Britain through the Declaration of Independence. We […] Read more »

Interesting Facts on Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus is popular among American and European people as he was the one who brought awareness to their countries which the world highly recognizes today. He led series of voyages and discovered lands that were uninhabited before. What more is there to know about this explorer? Read on to know more facts on Christopher […] Read more »

Facts about Alexander Graham Bell for Kids

Invention always interests kids. They love to manufacture things out from their query minds as a miniature way to feed their curiosity. They clink the tools in the garage, backyard or elsewhere in the house trying to focus with their ongoing invention and runs to you with delight and excitement when things work according to […] Read more »

Interesting Facts about Tutankhamun

Knowing about various historical events and people of the past enriches our knowledge about different cultures. This makes us grasp important events long before that have been influential to the lives we live today. Learning history is never boring as it makes us well learned persons and speaking of history, one of the most captivating […] Read more »