What does it mean if Your Poop Floats?

We would know if we indulge in proper diet when we eliminate stools that are considered normal and comes in perfect characteristics. Talking about poop may be odd but doing so will help us come into our senses that we need to modify our diet as soon as possible to live a healthier life, which […] Read more »

Can I Dye my Hair when Pregnant?

Getting good looks makes a whole lot difference to our self esteem. We always want to look good and feel good that is why we spend on various beauty products that catch our attention in the market and spend money on salons every weekend as a way to pamper ourselves. We may spend expensive amount […] Read more »

Can I take a Bath while Pregnant?

Pregnancy is an exciting experience for every woman. They make the necessary preparations for their upcoming baby. They buy baby clothes, bedding, crib, toys and more things for their little one as they are preoccupied with this different happiness when about to have a little baby to hold on after nine months. They may be […] Read more »

Can you use Benadryl in Pregnancy?

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What does Magnesium do for the Body?

Our body needs various vitamins and minerals to keep us optimally healthy and strong. We can take in the nutrients we need through our diet and this explains why we need to have a well balanced food intake. We can also get important vitamins and minerals through supplements readily available today. Out from the multitude […] Read more »

What does the Medulla Oblongata do?

The human body is composed of myriad body parts and systems that work independently and collaboratively to make us live and function optimally. Above all the organs and systems in the body, the nervous system which includes the mighty brain is considered the most vital areas of human anatomy and physiology. The brain consists of […] Read more »

What are the Chances of Conceiving during Ovulation?

Many women find it easy to get pregnant while others find it difficult. Getting pregnant is said to give fulfillment among women that is why they want to experience the art of giving birth despite of the tedious months bearing with their own weight plus the baby’s weight, go through unexplainable labor pains and experience […] Read more »

Pink Eye Home Treatment

Our sense of sight is a very vital organ. It serves as our window to the world to witness the beauty around us. But what happens when something is wrong with our eyes? Our sense of sight is obstructed and things may get worse when eye problems are left unattended. We may lose this important […] Read more »

What does Blood Taste like?

There are a lot of interesting things to learn about blood. We have grasped the meaning and parts of this body fluid in Science class and further learned what it looks like under the power of microscope in Biology class. Some of us have even tasted blood after getting wounded and this is another learning […] Read more »

Which Artery is the Largest and Why?

The human body is made of different systems, cells, veins and arteries.  Without these elements, our body will not function normally.  Even though all of them are very essential, the circulatory system with its main organ, the heart, plays a very important role in our lives. The circulatory system is made up of many large […] Read more »